Tag: Online Dating Identity Checks

  • Why You Need to Stay Safe While Dating Online

    Online dating has now become the norm, which is fantastic news for people who are serious about wanting to meet someone new. However, the online dating space is also rife with exploitation and scams. Some of the statistics surrounding this area of the dating world are downright terrifying – and could leave you out of […]

  • What is catfishing and how can I stay safe online?

    Online dating is now a mainstream way of meeting new people, but many of us are unaware of the dangers we face each time we log-on. With no way of telling whether people are who they say they are, catfishing continues to grow more and more commonplace – but what is it, and how can […]

  • How to ensure a Safe Date ?

    Dating can be nerve-wracking enough as it is, without worrying that you might be meeting someone who isn’t quite who they say they are. Yet instances of online dating fraud continue to escalate, as more and more of us look for love on the web. Until the launch of new service Safe Dates, there’s been […]