Man with 38 previous convictions violently attacks his online date.

Even though online dating is rapidly gaining popularity as a result of an increasing number of online users, there are still serious concerns about the safety of online dating.  Online Dating poses many dangers which is why ensuring you date only Safe Date’s Verified users is essential.  An example of the risks involved when dating an unverified individual was published in a recent article in the National Press where a woman named Chantelle Curry from Middlesbrough was beaten by a man she met when looking for love online.

Chantelle claims to have met Jason Driver on a popular dating site in October 2019 and had told the court that she was communicating with him for months before they finally met in January 2020. The woman reportedly missed a red flag when the man confessed to having been using a fake name and pictures for his profile. The couple continued to communicate and meet, but the relationship took a turn for the worst when her partner started complaining about her spending too much time with her friends.

One evening the couple had been arguing when Driver suddenly got violent.

Jason Driver put his belt around Chantelle Curry’s neck, leaned on her windpipe and pushed his thumbs into her lips to stop her screaming..

Chantelle, 38, pushed him off but Driver, 40, continued to torment her through the night while her two young children were asleep in the house.

He hit Chantelle with a belt, chased her, pinned her down, twisted her neck and grabbed her throat and hair, Teesside Live reports.

The trial also revealed that Driver had other 38 previous convictions for offences including domestic violence, admitted assault causing actual bodily harm.

He was jailed for a year at Teesside Crown Court in May and was released last month, due to the time he had already served on remand.

Chantelle said she would never have met up with Driver if she had been aware of his previous convictions.

Taking Care

The above story shows the dangers of meeting people you meet online before verifying if they are safe to date. Below are some ways in which people using dating sites can ensure their safety.

Make use of Safe Dates

People looking for love online should without a doubt use our service. Safe Dates uses industry-leading identity checking software to conduct identity checks for its members in addition to conducting identity checks we also ensure that the individuals do not have any convictions of a Sexual, Violent, Stalking or Harassing nature. Ensuring that your online date is Safe Dates Verified is essential.

Keep Your Contact Information Private

You will be safer when using online dating sites if you don’t post any identifying details like your phone number and address on your user profile. You should also avoid using your full name because it is also easy to get your private data using your name even if you did not post them on the site.

Choose Your Dating Sites Wisely

Once you decide to use dating sites, go through reviews to find out what others are saying about the available dating sites. You can also check the features that the app has employed to endure users’ security before to sign up. Secure apps will verify each user’s details like the email address and phone numbers to ensure that they are legit.

Ask Your Online Date To Become Safe Dates Verified

Once you have connected with a potential date and are looking to meet up  then we would recommend that if the subject hasn’t been verified by Safe Dates already that they do. Once they have been verified by us you can feel at ease knowing the subject is who they say they are and that they have no convictions of a Sexual, Violent, Stalking or Harassing nature.

Follow Your Gut

You should not ignore any feeling of discomfort, even if you are not quite sure what it is all about. If your gut tells that the person is not honest, you should keep distance by avoiding any further communication. It doesn’t matter if you have met with the person before or you have been communicating for months.

Stay Safe.

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