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Welcome to ‘Safe Dates.’  Safe Dates is the worlds first online dating verification site where all members are fully vetted, ID Checked and Criminal background checked.  We believe that online dating should be a fun and safe experience for all online daters.  Our aim is to protect online daters from abusers, sexual predators and catfishers. At present online dating sites are under no obligation to verify users identity or DBS check the users of their sites. Reported crimes relating to online dating has risen drastically in the past 5 years which is why we believe things need to change. At ‘Safe Dates’, we encourage all genuine Online Daters to get Verified by us.  We ID Verify and DBS check Users of Online Dating in order to reassure potential dates that individuals are not only who they say they are but also that they have no convictions for sexual offences, domestic violence, child abuse, stalking or harassment.  ‘Safe Dates‘ has been created to help reduce the risks associated with online dating. Once you have become verified with us you can then invite other potential online suiters to become verified with us too. We have tried to make our service as affordable as possible. The Price to become a Verified Safe Dates Member is £49.99 a year. If you are on a low income – no worries – click here to read about our reduced rates for those on a low income.

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safe dates
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Of becoming or Dating A Safe Dates Verified Member?

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You can rest assured here at “Safe Dates” we take the vetting of our members very seriously. All of our checks are carried out with the utmost caution and due diligence. Our comprehensive Online Dating Identity checks are carried out in real-time using cutting-edge facial recognition software and industry-leading identity checking software. Not only do we verify the Identity of Our Members we also conduct DBS checks on every member to ensure they have no convictions of  Sexual Offenses, Domestic Violence, Child Abuse, Stalking or Harassment. Becoming a Safe Dates Verified Dater allows you to reassure potential online dates that not only are you who you say you are but also that you have no convictions for any of the above. All of our Safe Dates Verified Daters are issued with a Logo to use on their online dating profile and a unique pin. The unique pin issued to verified member allows any potential date to access our check a pin page and confirm that they are in fact a verified member.  The pin can only be used once which enables us to ensure that individuals looking to steal members identity and pretend that they are them – can’t. A new pin is issued to our members each time a user provides their pin to an individual.

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How Do I Get Verified?

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If you are looking to sign up to ‘Safe Dates’ the process is easy. You will need to ensure you have a valid up to date Standard DBS Check in order to complete your application. You will also be required to supply Photo ID with your Name and Date of birth, for example, a Passport or Driving Licence and a recent proof of address document. If you do not have an up to date DBS certificate you can order one through our site just click here.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you are looking to sign up to ‘Safe Dates’ the process is easy. You can find all the relevant information on how to sign up and get verified by clicking here.

Becoming a Verified Safe Dates Member will give you an advantage over a non verified online dating user because potential dates will know not only that you are who you say you are but also that you have no criminal convictions of a violent, sexual or harassing nature. You can also watermark your photos with our logo and upload them to dating sites so that other users know you are a legitimate online dater verified by us! 

Yes you can. We are happy to verify any individual so long as they themselves consent to the checks.  You can use this link https://safedates.co.uk/request-verification/ to send them an invitation to get verified with us.

All of our verified members are issued with a unique pin once we have accepted their membership. Once you have that Pin you can check on our check a pin page that they are infact a member and that someone hasn’t just taken our logo to use on their profile.

Yes we do however for overseas members we insist that we conduct our own criminal checks so the verification is more expensive. This is done to ensure maximum safeguarding.

Yes absolutely. Consent to the checks from the individual concerned is essential with our service to invite a person you must also be a member of Safe Dates. We will not verify any online date without their full consent.

You can request a tracking link via email. We will then send all information via email along with your reference.

Once we have received your Safe Dates application your application will be thoroughly checked by our professional compliance team. If there are any errors in your application then we will email you and ask you to correct these. Once we have received all of the information required, we will process your application, and email you your unique order reference number. Once we have completed your verification we will email you to let you know whether your application has been successful and you will be issued with your unique Safe Dates Pin and a copy of our logo.

Yes absolutely. Consent to the checks from the individual concerned is essential with our service. We will not be able to verify any online date without their consent.

No. Absolutely Not. No one will be able to see any of your personal data. Our site will simply confirm that your pin is active and that you are a verified member of Safe Dates.

Yes. All of our Safe Dates Verified Members are required to have a Basic DBS Check. If you have a Basic DBS Check, are registered with the DBS to share your certificate with third parties so long if the certificate is less than 12 months old we are happy to accept this. If you do not have a Basic DBS Check you can order one here. If you have a Standard or Enhanced DBS Check and are registered with the update service then we are more than happy to accept this. Please note that we will not accept hard copies any DBS Checks Provided will need to be provided to us via the government website. All members of Safe Dates are required to have a Basic Check done yearly to remain a Verified Safe Dates Member.

We do not discriminate against those with a criminal record however any individual looking to become a verified member must not have had any cautions or convictions for any of the following crimes; Stalking and Harassment, Animal Cruelty, Domestic Violence, Coercive Control or Sexual Offenses.

If you fail our online dating verification checks, your membership fee will be refunded to you minus the cost of the DBS check.

Yes you certainly can. You can use any dating site you wish to meet your dates and your date or potential date can still check that you are a “Safe Date.”

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